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MBSE.Tools: Free, Open Source & Commercial MBSE + SysML Tools

MBSE.Tools provides comprehensive information about Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) modeling tools and features reviews by editors and users. We feature expert reviews of popular commercial (Sparx EA, MagicDrawRational RhapsodyVisual Paradigm, etc.) and open source MBSE modeling tools (Modelio,  Papyrus, etc.) that comply with the SysML (Systems Modeling Language) standard.

For information about selecting MBSE modeling tools that support SysML, check out the How to select a SysML modeling tool for MBSE and How to Define SysML Tool Evaluation Criteria for MBSE articles. For common questions about MBSE modeling tools check out the MBSE Modeling Tool FAQ. Please contact us regarding any additions, corrections, or suggestions to improve this site.

DISCLAIMER: MBSE.Tools’ reviews represent the opinions of editors and its members, and are intended only as an information resource. All information and statements are subject to correction and revision. Users of this information are encouraged to perform their own due diligence and act accordingly. (Caveat emptor!) Please read the full Disclaimer in the Terms of Use for this site and contact us regarding any additions and corrections.
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